Check Out Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s new ACA Toolkit!

ASAN is proud to announce the release of our plain language Affordable Care Act Toolkit for Self-Advocates, the first in a series of accessible policy and advocacy resources that ASAN will release this year. These resources will equip self-advocates to participate in important conversations about our lives and the services we rely on.

The health care system in America is a complicated topic, one we could be talking about for months or years. The Affordable Care Act Toolkit for Self-Advocates explains in plain language all the different pieces of the ACA, what the proposed changes are, what the impact of repealing it would be, and how you can get involved.

We hope that you’ll use this toolkit to understand and participate in these important conversations over the next year. We encourage you to share it widely so that we can give as many self-advocates as possible the tools we need to tell lawmakers: Nothing about us without us!