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How to Apply For UDDC Membership

Below are two options of applying for open membership applications.  You may choose to fill out the PDF version or link to the Google Form:

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opens in a new tabGoogle Form-2024 Membership Application

The term length for Council Members is 3 years, for more information visit the opens in a new tabUtah Boards and Commissions website.

Member TypeName and Information
Citizen Member Brandy Olsen
Citizen Member Bryn Peterson
Citizen MemberCourtney Edgington
Citizen MemberIan Summers
Citizen MemberJared A. Stewart, M.Ed.
Citizen MemberJaret Winn
Citizen Member John Crowley
Citizen MemberKelie Hess
Citizen MemberKimberly Jensen, MSW, CSW
Citizen Member Lisa Wade
Citizen MemberMatthew Huskinson
Citizen Member Rachael Norton
Citizen MemberStaci Christensen
Citizen MemberStephanie Hill
Citizen MemberStephanie Roach
Citizen MemberKen Gourdin
Citizen MemberCarl Whitmore
Citizen MemberJames Steed
Citizen MemberMike Menning
Citizen MemberTamera Dalton
Agency MemberAdina Zahradnikova
Agency MemberDeanna Taylor
Agency MemberGlen Larsen for Tonya Hales
Agency MemberLes Carter for Angie Pinna, Division of Services for People with Disabilities
Agency MemberMatthew Wappett, Center for People with Disabilities at Utah State University
Agency MemberNels Holmgren, Division of Aging and Adult Services
Agency MemberAmy Nance, Bureau Director, Department of Health
Agency MemberDeanna Taylor for Kim Fratto, Special Education Coordinator
Agency MemberSarah Brenna, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation
Liaison, Non-Voting MemberAmber Marsh
Liaison, Non-Voting MemberKim Evans
Liaison, Non-Voting MemberSharon Cook, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)