The 2017 Advocacy Awards: Winners and Photos!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Advocacy Awards of the UDDC and Utah Sibs! These exemplary men and women have generously donated their time and talents to working with people with disabilities, building bridges to ensure a brighter future for everybody.


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Now it is time to say goodbye and recognize the contributions of our dedicated Council members.

Dr. Judith Holt – Judith has served on the Council while she served as interim director for the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State. Judith has spent many years supporting Council activities as well as supporting and encouraging Claire Mantonya as she learned her job as Executive Director. We want to give a great big thank you to Dr. Judith Holt!
Janet Wade – Janet Wade has served as a Council Liaison member representing providers and specifically Easter Seals. Janet has been so very generous with her time and contributions, we want to thank you.
Both Ginny Rouse and Kayci Lynam are competing two three year terms on the Council. Both woman have served as Committee Chairpersons and thus on the Executive Committee and Kayci has served as the Vice-Chair of the Council for a number of years. Thank you to both Ginny Rouse and Kayci Lynam. We will miss you.
That is the end of our Annual Advocacy Awards Luncheon. Thank you to Lindsey Hunter for all her work in preparing us for this event, and thank you to the DD Council staff for another year of work. We have a lot of things just getting started and lots of things to accomplish.
Please have a safe journey home and thank you for being with us today.