Presentations about Medicaid and Health: Disability in the Know!

We at the UDDC held a meeting yesterday at the Department of Health building. During this meeting, there were three presentations given and we now have all three of them, which the presenters have generously provided here in PDF format.
The first presentation, presented by Kevin Bagley, Director, Bureau of Authorization and Community Based Services was about Medicaid. To be more specific, Medicaid and how it pertains to the disability community, with some in-depth knowledge about waivers and their function in the overall picture of State-provided and Federal-funded benefits.

Click here for Medicaid 101 Slides

The second presentation was given by Libby Oseguera of the Bureau of Health Promotion, who is working to promote a new disability and health program.

UDHP Overview

The third presentation was given by Glen Larsen of the Bureau of Authorization and Community Based Services, pertaining to the ICF/ID Transition Program and it, along with more details and information, can be found at We also have a direct copy of the presentation itself here on our website.