VCU’s Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, etc – Web Course

Introduction to Social Security Disability Benefits, Work Incentives, and Employment Support Programs Web Course

Virginia Commonwealth University is offering a new web course that provides a basic introduction to the Social Security disability benefit programs (SSI and SSDI) and their associated work incentives as an overview of the field of work incentives planning. This two-week course consists of six (6) one-hour lessons. Each lesson includes a video lecture with slides, supplemental readings and resource tools, as well as interactive activities.

The course is designed to meet the training needs of individuals who want a better understanding of Social Security disability benefits and the basics related to how work affects these benefits but do not require certification. The target audience includes several distinct groups, all of whom play an important role in supporting beneficiaries who wish to pursue employment:

  • Community partners who provide return-to-work services including staff of ENs, state VR agencies, American Job Centers and other employment service providers;
  • Agency staff who have regular contact with beneficiaries and are in a position to encourage work and financial stability planning and outcomes, including staff from state and local Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities agencies, Mental Health and Substance Abuse agencies, Centers for Independent Living, State Protection and Advocacy, Public School systems, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, among others;
  • WIPA/BOND project staff that do not require certification, including administrative or other staff; and
  • WIPA/BOND project staff that plan to pursue CWIC certification, and would like to come to the initial training with a basic knowledge of the topics to be covered, and of their job requirements.

Important Note: Completing this online course does not result in certification as a Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Community Work Incentives Coordinator, or certification as a Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor. This online course provides a foundation for future training, and does not offer the type of training necessary to accurately and effectively counsel beneficiaries. The certificate earned for this course demonstrates completion of this training opportunity.

The Introductory web course consists of the following content:

Lesson 1 discusses the problem of unemployment among Social Security disability beneficiaries and describes the national WIPA initiative as part of the solution to this problem. Information will be provided on the Ticket to Work program, the key components of the WIPA program, the role of CWICs as part of the employment support team. Information is also provided on how participants can work with WIPA projects to support their shared goals.

Lesson 2 provides an introduction to Social Security disability benefit programs including an overview of the eligibility criteria for both Title II disability and SSI benefits and will describe Social Security’s definition of disability and the disability determination process. Course content also covers the basic program concepts that distinguish Title II disability benefits from SSI and how these benefits interact for concurrent beneficiaries.

Lesson 3 provides an overview of the Title II disability benefits (SSDI, CDB and DWB) and explains how paid employment affects these benefits. Course content covers the factors Social Security considers during Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) determinations and describes work incentives that apply in the Title II disability program. This lesson also covers how the Extended Period of Medicare Coverage allows beneficiaries to retain Medicare if cash payments stop due to work.

Lesson 4 focuses on helping participants gain a basic understanding the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program. Course content covers the factors that affect eligibility and payment amounts for the SSI program. The lesson also describes the effect of resources on SSI eligibility and identifies common resource exclusions.

Lesson 5 covers how paid employment affects SSI benefits and SSI related Medicaid. Participants will learn how to use the SSI calculation sheet to understand the basic effect of earned income on SSI cash payments and course content will cover four SSI work incentives that can be applied to support a beneficiary’s transition to work. The course also covers how beneficiaries may keep Medicaid coverage if cash benefits are lost due to employment through the 1619(b) provisions.

Lesson 6 covers ways that participants can support beneficiaries to take the next step toward employment. Course content addresses four positive message points participants can communicate to beneficiaries in order to encourage work. We will provide details about sources of accurate information on work and benefits, as well as strategies for working effectively with WIPA projects.

Participants who successfully complete all of the course requirements will receive a certificate of completion that is accessible through their myNTC account.

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