Changes to the Five Year Plan – Public Comment Requested

Changes to the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council Five-Year Plan have been suggested by Council members and staff and were approved through voting in the Spring 2019 Council Meeting. We encourage members of the public to review these changes and provide comments if they wish, regarding the changes. You may leave comments below, or email them to

Comments are open until July 30.

A summary of the changes

The council voted to remove Objective 1.3 and Objective 2.1, and incorporate them into Objective 3.5, which says: The UDDC will increase the representation of people with disabilities and families serving on community boards and committees.

This will be accomplished through the following activity: Prepare and support people with disabilities and their families to participate on various community committees that increase advocacy and leadership skills including, but not limited to, Employment First committees, and mental and physical health committees to increase their input into the system in general.

Click here to see the original plan, with upcoming changes

Click here to see the clean version of the plan with changes incorporated